The Future of Maternal Health

We participated in the Maternal Hemodynamics Conference in Florence, Italy. The conference buzzed with new research on how to better detect and manage maternal complications such as preeclampsia, a condition affecting blood pressure in pregnant women and other cardiovascular diseases. Here's why our involvement is important:

Moving beyond blood pressure

A key takeaway is the growing consensus that standard blood pressure readings alone aren't enough to catch preeclampsia and similar conditions. Researchers strongly recommend using additional hemodynamic markers, like those offered by our VICORDER technology.

VICORDER takes center stage

Data presented at the conference highlighted the VICORDER, a tool from our side, for measuring cardiac output and SVR (systemic vascular resistance). These markers appear to be promising in detecting preeclampsia.

Early detection, better outcomes

Excitingly, research suggests these markers can help identify hypertension early in pregnancy. This could allow for targeted treatment addressing the root cause, potentially improving outcomes for mothers and infants.

Impacting millions

With hypertension affecting 1 in 5 pregnancies globally, this new approach has the potential to benefit millions of women.

The path forward requires collaboration. Researchers, regulators, medical professionals, and companies like ours all play a crucial role in bringing these advancements into everyday practice. By participating in this conference, we want to emphasize how important this topic is to us and that we are looking to the future with optimism.