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At 80 Beats, we assist professionals to measure what matters, prevent cardiovascular events, improve diagnosis and therapy. Together, we can reshape the future of cardiovascular health, beat by beat.


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“The Vicorder®  guarantees excellent intra- and inter-operator reliability and  is widely used in epidemiological studies”
Dr. Arrigo F. G. Cicero – University of Bologna
“The VICORDER is operator-independent and suitable for large-scale prospective studies”
Prof. Tanja Groten – University Hospital Jena, Gynaecology
“We value the portability and ease-of-use without compromising accuracy in measuring PWV and early cardio-vascular risk. - A great device.“
PHD Gregor Kern – Kern Medical Medical Engineering GmbH
The VICORDER is not only easier to use compared to another previously used device for measuring PWV according to the reference method, The VICORDER also provides more reliable results."
Stefan Forstenlechner – LEAD Study, Bologna
"The VICORDER exams give us important information for the early detection and treatment of hypertension."
Dr. med. Gerson Strubel – Zentrum / Innere Medizin / Fünf Höfe, Munich
"We use the Vicorder for multiple studies, including multi-site studies. It's easy to use and the service is first class."
Prof. Lee Stoner – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Beyond Medical Tech

Our values and ideas go further than the clear vision of reinventing cardiovascular health. Our multinational team constantly strives to provide the best diagnostics and health screening research tools to ensure a healthy future.

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